Archaeology Degree

US Archaeology Courses

Introduction to Archaeology

Archaeology degrees at US universities are structured so that during the first year, you will be provided with the key skills needed to become a sound archaeologist, whilst in years 2 and 3, students can then choose to tailor the course for what interests them, such as delving into specific cultural periods of time throughout history or examining artefacts and bones.

Fieldwork plays a huge part of any archaeology degree, and you will spend lots of time at excavation sites, museums and areas of historical interest. Placement years are also commonplace as you learn directly from experienced archaeologists and professionals.

Archaeology Careers and Salary

Archaeology graduates find employment within government agencies, universities, museums, heritage organisations, applied archaeological companies or consultancies. A range of transferable skills allows graduates to pursue careers in business, teaching, journalism, civil services, police, media, marketing agencies and management.

Archaeology Entry Requirements

Please note that entry requirements vary for each US university.

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