McMurry University

Location Abilene, Texas
Established 1923
Famous For Small Class Sizes


McMurry University, located in Abilene, Texas, USA, is a private liberal arts university that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses across disciplines such as business, sciences, humanities, and fine arts, ensuring that international students have a broad spectrum of academic options to choose from.

McMurry University stands out for its intimate class sizes, allowing for personalized attention and strong student-faculty relationships. With a student enrollment of around 1,200, McMurry provides a close-knit community. International students choosing McMurry University benefit from the academic excellence offered by the institution and the unique campus atmosphere that encourages inclusivity and cross-cultural understanding. The university's commitment to developing well-rounded individuals extends beyond the classroom, with various extracurricular activities and cultural events contributing to a vibrant campus life.

Services for International Students

The Office of Global Engagement at McMurry is the central hub for international student services, offering assistance with immigration matters, cultural adjustment, and academic advising. The International Student Services team, led by experienced professionals, provides personalized guidance on topics such as visa regulations, employment options, and cultural adaptation.

The Global Engagement Office at McMurry University also facilitates intercultural exchange through events and activities that celebrate diversity and promote cross-cultural understanding. From cultural festivals to language exchange programs, international students have ample opportunities to engage with their peers and the broader community.


McMurry University offers a range of on-campus housing options. The Wilford Moore Residence Hall is popular, providing a traditional dormitory experience with shared living spaces, communal bathrooms, and a vibrant atmosphere that encourages student social interaction. The Onstead-Packer Residential Center offers apartment-style living, allowing international students to enjoy more privacy and independence. These modern living spaces have essential amenities and provide a conducive academic focus and personal growth environment.

McMurry University also offers the Global Living Community, a residential program that brings domestic and international students together in a shared living environment. This initiative fosters cross-cultural friendships and provides a supportive network for international students adjusting to life in the United States.

About Location

Nestled in Abilene, Texas, McMurry University enjoys a picturesque location with a warm and inviting community. The campus spans over 50 acres, featuring a blend of historic and modern buildings, lush green spaces, and state-of-the-art facilities. From art galleries and theaters to local eateries and recreational parks, Abilene offers diverse experiences for students looking to explore and immerse themselves in American culture.

For international students seeking travel convenience, the nearest airport to McMurry University is Abilene Regional Airport, located approximately 10 miles away from campus. This proximity ensures that students have easy access to air travel for both domestic and international journeys.

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