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Introduction to pharmacy courses in the USA

A degree in pharmacy covers a broad range of areas, from creating medications to taking care of patients, making it a flexible and rewarding career. Pharmacy professionals significantly contribute to patient well-being and are vital in the healthcare system. Working in a pharmacy is an attractive option for those interested in the medical field, especially after the increased focus on healthcare services following the COVID-19 pandemic.

A pharmacy degree opens doors to various professions, including clinical practice, research, drug development, and healthcare management. The thriving pharmaceutical sector in the US greatly impacts the economy, offering numerous opportunities in research and business. A pharmacy degree in the United States ensures stable employment and growth, with a 5.3% increase in pharmacist jobs from 2016 to 2026.

The US hosts renowned pharmacy schools and a thriving pharmaceutical industry, creating an excellent setting for education and professional development. Pharmacists in the United States earn high wages, averaging around $128,710 per year, making it one of the most financially rewarding jobs in the country.

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Types of Pharmacy Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.S. in Pharmacy)

A B.S. in Pharmacy program equips students with a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, and biology. International students take courses covering drug formulation, pharmacology, and pharmacy practice. Graduates can pursue careers as pharmaceutical scientists, quality control analysts, or researchers.

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences)

A Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences) program typically offers an in-depth study of drug development, formulation, and research. International students can explore pharmaceutical analysis, drug delivery, and regulatory affairs. Graduates can pursue careers in pharmaceutical research, development, quality control, and regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences)

A Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences is a research-intensive doctoral program. Students delve into advanced pharmaceutical research, drug development, and related fields, gaining expertise in pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and drug delivery. For international students, it opens doors to careers in academia, pharmaceutical industry R&D, regulatory affairs, or clinical research.


Scholarships for international students pursuing pharmacy courses in the USA can significantly alleviate the financial burden of tuition and living expenses. Here are some scholarships that are commonly available to international pharmacy students:

Jobs and Careers

Pharmacists play a pivotal role in healthcare, working in retail or hospital settings, dispensing medications, and providing patient care. Beyond traditional roles, pharmacists can explore pharmaceutical research and development, regulatory affairs, clinical trials, and healthcare management. Graduates can also venture into academia or join government agencies. With the pharmaceutical industry's continuous growth and innovation, drug manufacturing and quality assurance career opportunities are abundant.


Pharmacy careers in the USA offer competitive salaries, making it an attractive field for professionals. Pharmacists, in particular, enjoy substantial earning potential. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for pharmacists was approximately $128,710, with the top 25% earning over $147,690 and the lower 25% making around $112,690.

The pharmaceutical industry also offers well-paying positions in research and development, regulatory affairs, and quality control. Overall, pharmacy professionals are well-compensated for their vital contributions to healthcare and drug development.

Where can I study Pharmacy in the USA?

To learn more about the best pharmacy schools in the USA, find details on the top ten ranking pharmacy colleges in the U.S. News University Guide 2024 below:

  1. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
  2. University of California--San Francisco
  3. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
  4. University of Minnesota
  5. University of Florida
  6. University of Kentucky
  7. Ohio State University
  8. Purdue University
  9. University of Illinois--Chicago
  10. University of Texas--Austin

Study Pharmacy in the USA

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Pharmacy Courses in the USA FAQ

What is the required TOEFL score for admission to a US pharmacy university?

Most US pharmacy universities require a TOEFL score of 80-100. A minimum of 150 in Verbal Reasoning is recommended, with a preference for 150 in Quantitative Reasoning. An IELTS score of 6.5-7.0 is also typically accepted.

Is the GRE mandatory to study graduate programs in pharmacy?

GRE scores are usually required for admission to graduate pharmacy programs. A minimum of 150 in Verbal Reasoning and 150 in Quantitative Reasoning is recommended. TOEFL scores of 80-100 and IELTS scores of 6.5-7.0 are also commonly needed.

What are the job industries of a pharmacist in the USA?

Pharmacists in the USA can work in various sectors, including retail pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical research and development, government agencies, academia, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Which pharmacy course pays the most?

The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree is typically the highest-paying pharmacy course in the USA. Pharmacists with a Pharm.D. degree can earn competitive salaries, with the median annual wage exceeding $128,000 and substantial variations based on experience and specialization.

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