Why Study at the University at Buffalo?

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The University at Buffalo (UB), established in 1846, has a rich history of educational excellence and a tradition of fostering diversity and inclusivity. With a sprawling 1,350-acre campus in a suburban setting, UB offers a serene yet vibrant terrain for your educational hobbies. Its commitment to fostering a different pupil community is apparent, with a thriving transnational pupil population.

What sets UB apart isn't just its picturesque campus or long history but its unwavering commitment to providing scholars with a truly world-class education. UB operates on a semester-grounded academic timetable, offering a wide range of top-ranked programs honored globally. Graduating from UB not only earns you a recognized degree but also respect and recognition worldwide, opening doors to unique openings that can profoundly shape your future.

At UB, you will find a community of world-class faculty members passionate about tutoring and guiding scholars like you. These professors are devoted to your growth, both academically and personally. They're committed to fostering an atmosphere where you can thrive, question, explore, and introduce. The academic rigor at UB is balanced by a supportive network of peers and professors who'll help you succeed, both before and after scale.

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why study university at buffalo

Six Reasons to Study at the University at Buffalo

1. Academic excellence

The University at Buffalo prioritizes academic excellence through top-ranked programs and a dedicated faculty, fostering exploration, innovation, and intellectual growth. UB offers a prestigious education that equips scholars for a competitive job market and further academic pursuits with globally recognized degrees.

Popular majors include Business, Engineering, Social Sciences, and more, boasting an 85% freshman retention rate. UB is ranked #36 among U.S. public universities, is recognized for economic diversity and climate action, and hosts international students. Moreover, it stands at #3 for industry, innovation, and infrastructure and is the 12th best employer in New York State.

2. Diverse student community

UB boasts a vibrant and diverse student community with 19,118 undergraduates and 11,262 graduate students. The university is home to a rich tapestry of international students, representing 17% of the population from 100 countries. Additionally, 40% of domestic students come from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, promoting a multicultural environment.

With 18% of undergraduates being first-generation students, UB offers a supportive community where you can expand your horizons, build cross-cultural competencies, and connect with like-minded peers through various clubs and organizations, whether interested in sports, arts, or community service. This fosters personal growth and lasting friendships.

3. Global connections

UB's global connections offer an enriching educational experience with international opportunities. UB collaborates with strategic partners worldwide, fostering research, faculty, and student exchange. Partnerships span the globe, with collaborations from Canada, China, and India to Japan, Poland, and Singapore.

UB was the first U.S. university to engage with Chinese institutions. These collaborations empower international students to gain a global perspective, experience diverse cultures, and prepare for a dynamic, interconnected world, enhancing their education and prospects.

4. World-class faculty 

UB's faculty consists of experts and thought leaders in their respective fields. They are not only accomplished researchers and educators but also approachable mentors who are committed to helping students reach their fullest potential. Their guidance and mentorship can be instrumental in your academic and career success. UB also boasts extensive programs, ensuring you can find a major that aligns with your interests and career aspirations.

5. Beautiful campus

UB's 1,350-acre campus offers a captivating educational environment, seamlessly blending natural beauty with contemporary infrastructure. The North Campus, UB's most considerable, boasts cutting-edge academic and research facilities, student housing, dining areas, and lush green spaces. In contrast, the historic South Campus in North Buffalo features classic ivy-covered buildings, expansive quads, and innovative research centers.

The Downtown Campus, anchored by the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, plays a central role in Buffalo's burgeoning medical corridor. UB's diverse campuses create an inspiring backdrop for academic pursuits, fostering collaboration and extracurricular engagement. To ensure academic success, international students benefit from various support services, including academic advising, career counseling, and visa assistance.

6. Notable Alumni

The University at Buffalo boasts an impressive roster of notable alumni who have left their mark in various fields. From the distinguished journalist Wolf Blitzer to the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore, and celebrated author Joyce Carol Oates, UB's alumni exemplify excellence and achievement. Additionally, Terry Gross, the host of NPR's "Fresh Air," and Satish K. Tripathi, UB's president and accomplished computer scientist, further showcase the university's capacity to produce outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to society and their respective professions.

Study at University at Buffalo

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