Applying to a US University

Applying to a USA University

Admission for international students in USA

Renowned for its exceptional universities, the USA is one of the leading destinations in the world for international students.

The process of seeking admission to American universities involves a straightforward application directly to your chosen institution, and for those in need of expert guidance, SI-USA can help you choose from thousands of courses and hundreds of universities and colleges with our free university application support.

Applying to Study in the USA

1. Choose your course and university

There are thousands of courses to choose from in the USA, including popular subjects such as business, computer science and engineering, at both bachelor's and master's levels.

Choosing the right course and university is pivotal for pursuing education in the USA. Prioritize your interests, future career aims, and evaluate universities based on rankings, faculty expertise, resources, facilities, and student experiences.

2. Gather your supporting documents

As part of your application, you will need proof of English language proficiency and how you will find your studies. Other paperwork commonly required by US universities includes a statement of purpose, a recommendation letter, and proof of completion of previous studies via official academic transcripts.

For undergraduate courses, your high school diploma will be required, and for graduate programs, you will be required to show proof of completion of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or institution. Some courses also require scores from the GRE/GMAT or a display of your portfolio.

3. Submit your application

There is no centralised service that handles university applications in the USA, so you will need to apply to universities directly. The academic year is divided into distinct application seasons: Fall (August/September), Spring (January/February), and occasionally Summer (May/June) intakes. Deadlines and requirements vary, so researching each university's specific criteria is essential.

Application fees differ across universities, usually ranging from $50 to $100, covering administrative costs and being generally non-refundable. To ensure a smooth application journey, an SI-USA consultant can help you understand their criteria, deadlines, and fee structures.

4. Apply for your US Study Visa

After you have received a letter of confirmation from the university, you will need to apply for a US student visa (F, J, or M type).

Study Level Visa Type Key Aspects



Study at U.S. universities with various funding sources. Part-time on-campus work (up to 20 hours/week) permitted during terms.

Exchange Program


Engage in approved exchange programs. Work rules resemble F-1, excluding off-campus employment.

Vocational Study


Pursue vocational studies at SEVP-certified institutes. Similar work regulations as F-1 and J-1, on-campus roles limited to six months.

Once you understand which visa type you need, you must fill out the correct form:

These forms encompass personal details, academic information, English proficiency, and funding sources. Institutions may send these documents with admission letters or upon funding verification and deposit payment. Upon receiving the I-20 or DS-2019 from your college or university, four crucial steps await completion: pay the $350 SEVIS I-901 fee online (keeping the electronic receipt), apply for your non-immigrant visa using the online DS-160 form, schedule a visa interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate, and successfully finalize the interview process.

5. Arrive in the USA

Once the above has been completed, your student visa has been issued, and you have been accepted onto your chosen course, you can begin your new adventure.

Arrange travel, attend a pre-departure orientation (either locally or online), gather necessary documents for arrival, and participate in school orientations. Research your institution's website for specialized pre-departure information, including health insurance, local climate, transportation, and housing.

Study in the USA

Do you need help with your application to study at a US university? If so, arrange a free consultation with SI-USA today.

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