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SI-USA can help international students interested in studying in USA secure scholarships, bursaries and funding. Our close relationship with US universities, combined with our online resources, means all deserving applicants can find the right scholarship to benefit their future.

There are over 1,000 scholarships available to international students ahead of the upcoming academic year, providing discounts on tuition fees, accommodation and more.

Types of Scholarships in the USA

Scholarships in the USA are available at various levels of study, including bachelor, graduate, and doctoral programs. These scholarships are offered by government bodies, institutions, private organisations, and foundations, each with its own unique criteria and requirements.

Government Scholarships

Government scholarships in the USA, backed by federal and state bodies, promote global diplomacy and educational exchange. Fulbright Program and Pell Grants exemplify this, aiding cross-cultural education and supporting financially challenged American students.

Notable examples include the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, enabling international students to study in various fields except medicine. The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, a non-degree initiative, offers experienced professionals 10 months of US academic study, fostering knowledge growth across institutions nationwide.

University Scholarships

Many US universities offer scholarships to international students as a way to recognize academic excellence, financial need, and diverse attributes. Examples include the American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, the Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program, and the Clark University Global Scholars Program.

Scholarships range from tuition waivers to merit awards, like those offered by Illinois State University and Iowa State University. With options like the University of Minnesota's Global Excellence Scholarship and the University of Wisconsin Superior's Non-resident Tuition Waiver Program, international students can pursue higher education in the US.

Privately-funded Scholarships 

Originating from private corporations, organizations, foundations, and philanthropic individuals, these scholarships encompass a broad spectrum. Ranging from general awards accessible to a broad audience to highly specific scholarships tied to particular fields of study, demographics, or social causes, this category showcases the diversity of private sector involvement in education.

Discipline-Specific Scholarships

Tailored to students pursuing education within particular fields of study, these scholarships are often established by professional associations, industry groups, or specialized foundations. Their aim is to encourage individuals to excel in disciplines crucial for societal advancement, innovation, and growth.

Athletic Scholarships

These grants are conferred upon students who demonstrate outstanding prowess in sports. Generally extended to individuals exhibiting exceptional athletic talents alongside a strong academic history, athletic scholarships underscore the importance of both athletic excellence and academic achievement.

USA Scholarship Eligibility

Navigating USA scholarship eligibility and the application process is crucial for aspiring students. Each scholarship may have varying admission requirements, prompting a careful review of your chosen institution's criteria. Your undergraduate GPA plays a pivotal role, often carrying more weight than test scores.

Excelling in GRE, GMAT, Pearson PTE, and IELTS exams can significantly boost scholarship chances. Demonstrating leadership and volunteering skills enhances your application's appeal, while a well-crafted essay offers a chance to authentically express your desire for a USA scholarship, your passion, skills, and reasons behind it.

Scholarship Application Tips

  • Explore the eligibility criteria and application deadlines for each scholarship opportunity
  • Prepare a strong application package, including a well-crafted personal statement, recommendation letters, and academic transcripts
  • Highlight your achievements, community involvement, and leadership experiences to stand out among other applicants
  • Customize your application materials to match the scholarship's objectives and values

USA Scholarship Search

Are you looking for a scholarship, grant or bursary to help fund your studies in the USA? Search available funding for international students below. If you have any questions you'd like answered, please arrange a free consultation with SI-USA's application experts today.

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