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Introduction to hotel management degrees

The hospitality industry continues to grow globally and constantly needs qualified people. Studying hotel management in the USA will give you the necessary background for a large range of high-level careers in a competitive market.

Hotel management courses in the USA focus on strategic issues, business competencies, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, public relations, administration and management. Based on the broader hospitality and tourism sector, your studies will improve your knowledge of all areas of the industry, including client-focusing scenarios, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organisations, convention centres and country clubs.

The United States, which has nearly 40 distinguished hotel management institutions that have earned international recognition according to the prestigious QS Ranking for 2023, is the place for an extraordinary fusion of higher education and opportunities for evolving professionals in the field of hospitality. Course options are as varied as they are educational, ranging from learning the specifics of managing food and drink to understanding how to deal with the difficulties of managing hotels, restaurants, tourists, and the domain of restaurant administration.

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Types of Hotel Management Degrees

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hotel Management

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hotel Management is a four-year undergraduate degree created to give students the information and abilities required for managerial jobs within the hospitality industry, particularly in the field of hotels and lodging places. Internships and co-op programs are well-known methods for students to get practical experience. Graduates of this degree are well-prepared for a variety of careers, including hotel management, event coordination, marketing, and guest services management. Accredited degrees in the United States provide a strong foundation for anyone seeking to succeed in the fast-paced industry of hospitality management.

Master of Science (MS) in Hospitality Management

The Master of Science (MS) in Hospitality Management program provides the opportunity to explore a world of enthralling opportunities in the dynamic industry of hospitality. This advanced graduate program will provide students with in-depth knowledge of hotel and restaurant management, tourism, marketing, finance, and leadership, all of which are intricately interconnected in the tapestry of the hospitality business. Students who are seeking an MS in Hospitality Management frequently participate in advanced courses, research, and hands-on learning opportunities, developing insightful knowledge of the global hospitality industry. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospitality Management

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospitality Management is a popular graduate program that prepares individuals for leadership positions in the ever-changing hospitality industry. This MBA combines key business ideas with specific hotel management training, with an emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and technology integration. It offers a broader business perspective with specialized coursework in hospitality management, which is suitable for those aspiring to high-level executive roles in the industry. Through internships and practical projects, students acquire practical experience that helps them develop valuable skills and contacts with employers. In the growing hospitality sector, candidates are well-positioned for prestigious roles like general manager of a hotel or corporate executive.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Hotel and Hospitality Management:

A Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Hotel and Hospitality Management is a distinguished doctoral degree for students who are interested in performing advanced research and becoming industry professionals. This demanding, research-intensive degree usually takes 3 to 5 years to complete, and it includes dissertation writing, thorough exams, and original research. Graduates of this program are well-prepared for employment in academia, research, or high-level leadership roles in the hospitality industry, where they will make important contributions to the field's knowledge and innovation. This demanding curriculum provides them with a solid foundation in research abilities, allowing them to plan and conduct novel investigations, analyze data, and contribute to the field's intellectual conversation.


International students pursuing hotel management degrees in the USA have several scholarship opportunities available to help offset the cost of tuition and living expenses.

Fulbright Program: The Fulbright Program, administered by the U.S. Department of State, provides scholarships for international students pursuing graduate degrees in various fields, including hotel management. 

The United World Colleges (UWC) Scholarships: UWC offers scholarships for students from around the world to attend U.S. colleges and universities, including those offering hotel management programs. These highly competitive scholarships typically cover tuition, room, and board.

EducationUSA Scholarships: EducationUSA, a U.S. Department of State network, provides information about various scholarships available to international students, including those studying hotel management. 

Institutional Scholarships: Many U.S. universities and colleges offer scholarships specifically for international students, including those pursuing hotel management degrees. These scholarships may be merit-based or need-based and vary in terms of eligibility criteria.

Government Scholarships: Some governments offer scholarships to their citizens to study abroad in the USA. These scholarships may be available for undergraduate or graduate hotel management programs.

Professional Associations and Industry-Specific Scholarships: Hospitality-related professional associations, such as the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), may offer scholarships to students pursuing careers in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Management Jobs and Careers

Hotel management offers a variety of job options. Graduates can take over as hotel managers, ensuring seamless operations and wonderful guest experiences. Those with a passion for the culinary arts should consider becoming chefs. And, in a global sector, students can go far and wide, whether they're in sales, marketing, or supporting sustainable hospitality. The Hotel Management degree will grant you access to a vibrant and varied professional landscape.


Studying hotel management can lead to a range of salaries for graduates. Starting positions such as front desk agents or restaurant supervisors typically pay between $30,000 and $50,000 annually. Their income can grow as students gain experience and specialize in areas like hotel operations or event planning. Senior roles, like hotel managers, can earn over $100,000 a year, especially in popular tourist spots or big cities. Building a professional network and getting extra certifications can boost your career and income in the hotel management field.

Where can I study Hotel Management in the US?

To learn more about the best hotel management courses in the USA, find details on the top ten ranking Hotel Management universities in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023 below:

  1. Cornell University - School of Hotel Administration
  2. New York University
  3. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  4. Boston University - School of Hospitality Administration:
  5. The Ohio State University
  6. Purdue University - School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  7. Texas A&M University
  8. University of Georgia
  9. Virginia Tech - Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  10. Florida State University
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